Liaison Specialists and People Specialists

  • We are experienced in interacting with traders, financial control, risk managers,  middle office personnel, product control, back office personnel, IT, quantitative analysts, internal auditors, external auditors, salesmen and management, investigative team and reconciliation team.

Investigative  and  reconciliation Team

  • As long as firms continue to trade, discrepancies  will happen.  We can step right into the mix with the research process and resolve open trade related issues. Hence, we lessen operational risks and decrease the probability of adverse funding and other transactions costs. Bottom Line:  You Save $$$$

               AUDIT PREPARATION 

  • Mitigating and resolving audit inconsistencies helping to reduce potential fines, penalties and lengthy audits.

Financial instruments

  • Exotic instruments cause increased trade booking, profit/loss, settlement, collateral and risk measuring problems.  New and complex securities are constantly being synthesized.   We bring a thorough understanding of:
  • financial futures
  • derivatives consulting
  • credit derivatives
  • operational risk
  • OTC derivatives
  • futures trading
  • exchange traded instruments
  • risk management
  • credit default swaps and total return swaps
  • embedded derivatives
  • cash market products
  • vanilla options
  • asset swaps and credit derivatives
  • structured notes and exotic options.¹

1 digital, barrier, lookback, packages, range floaters, accrual options, compound,  and asian options, etc.

P/l analysis

  • Preparing, analyzing, reporting and reconciling of profit/loss breaks between back and front office
  • Validation of new deals and management flash reports

RISK MANAGEMENT: Interest Rate, FX, Default & Volatility Risk

  • Preparing, analyzing, and reporting the firm’s potential exposures due to its involvement in undertaking derivative and non-derivative trading activities

Cash Management Analysis

  •  Investigate and perform a variety of tests, seeking to obtain optimum liquidity for our clients including the collection of past due accounts


  • Due to the proliferation of exotic options, structured derivatives and other transactions , firms’ must be able to accurately decipher the on going risks associated with these transactions taken from ISDA² and Non-ISDA source documents, and ultimately must quantify the risks using a mixture of systems, analytical tools and professional experience.

2         International Swaps and Derivatives Association


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